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by Glaeder (GM) on Aug 19, 2012 at 01:53 AM}
About ÐraMa:

Drama was formed half way in to Firelands. Our primary focus is on PvE content, though many of our members are keen on Arena and Rated Battleground teams.


Our current raiding schedule is Wednesday through to Friday from 6.30pm to 10.00pm

Alt Policy:

Alternate characters, preferably those that perform a different role than your main character, are highly recommended and we encourage our members and recruits to level and gear out multiple characters. Unless asked, potential recruits are not expected to transfer all of their alts until they have passed their trial.

Loot and Consumables:

Loot is distributed via a non-biased officer loot council. All loot decisions are weighted based on performance, attendance, attitude and the current needs of our raid. Rare mounts are rolled upon by all with a raider rank or above in good standing.

The guild provides for all repairs, flasks, food, enchants and gems that are needed for mains. All crafting is done in house for mains and at the discretion of the officers based on the needs of the guild.


We are always looking for exceptional players of all classes and specializations to reinforce our roster. We do not recruit for the bench. However, being a raider does not guarantee you will be in for 100% of the content: we will ALWAYS bring the composition required to defeat a boss, especially during progression, and the better player will always see the most playtime.

Our goal is to have the best players possible for every single raiding role. Potential recruits are expected to be available for the vast majority of our raids. We expect you to be as knowledgeable as possible about your class and adept at fulfilling any role your class is capable of performing.

If you have any interest in ÐraMa, please contact any officer in-game.

Glaedër, Absey or Muse


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